Do you need computer assistance for your home or business?

AT Global ComSite is the name you can trust.

We can help you fix your computers on-site or remotely to get you and your business up and running again.

  • Computer issues can almost be anything. That's why at AT Global ComSite, we know no boundaries and we always continue to explore limitless opportunities.
  • We do in-house or business technical support and likewise provide remote assistance for your convenience.

We're open 24/7

So feel free to contact us anytime.

Our current team of 10 is composed of computer professionals with several years of experience in hardware repair, networking, maintenance and more.

We're also a proud member of the Association of Network Professionals in the US.

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Computer Services We Offer

AT Global ComSite was established with the primary aim of helping people and business entities who are in need of professional computer services.

We also sell OEM desktops and laptops from popular makers such as Dell, HP, ASUS, and more.

In addition to computers, we distribute computer monitors, printers, external hard drives, routers, USB flash drives, power supplies, Ethernet cables, antivirus software, Microsoft Office suite, Windows operating system, and much more.

Moreover, we offer custom-built desktops suitable for both homes and offices at affordable prices.

We can guarantee the excellence of all our products and services. Should you be not satisfied with any of our offerings, we'll give your money back with no questions asked.

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